High Pressure Recovery Turbojet Pump

High Pressure Recovery Turbojet Pump

High Pressure Recovery Turbojet Pump

Submerged High Pressure Recovery Turbojet Pump utilizes the available high pressure water injection (WI) known as primary flow which creates the suction of sea water called secondary flow and it further combines both the flow to help extinguish fire at the platform.

The suction of secondary flow from both impellers helps the pump achieve maximum efficiency and stability while delivering the secondary flow which is in multiple times to that of primary flow.

Key Benefits

  • Automatic firefighting system which does not need human intervention to operate
  • No maintenance required
  • No diesel or electric power required
  • Ability to reverse flow for cleaning pump’s strainer
  • Can be used as a utility water pump
  • Submerging below 20 meters of sea level keeps the pump Risk-free from fire
  • No lubrication system required

How it works?

How It Works
  1. As soon as fire takes place, the Fire shutdown panel which is currently existing in offshore unmanned platform gives signal to our control panel.
  2. Control panel opens blow down valve(BDV) and deluge valves (DV) simultaneously.
  3. As soon as BDV & DV gets open, the pressurized water from water injection line enters the inlet of pump. The pump reduces the pressure while increasing the flow of secondary flow from sea water by means of its suction and discharges the combined flow to extinguish the fire.
  4. The discharge flow travels through the fire-water header to the fire loop -1 or 2 at platform’s Deck.
  5. The pressure control valve controls the pressure flowing in the water inlet line.

Operating parameters

Primary flow pressure
50kg/cm2 to 200 kg/cm2
Inlet pressure of secondary flow
0 to 2kg/cm2
Discharge Pressure
5kg/cm2 to 15kg/cm2
Discharge flow rate for firefighting
100m3/h to 600 m3/h

*Customized as per client requirement.